Empowering Cami Trimmer

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December 29, 2016
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Empowering Cami Trimmer

-If you’ve been struggling with wanting to reduce the bulges in your upper body, then the Empowering Cami Trimmer is the best plus size shapewear to provide a reform of your body as well as back support.

-You can slim your waist and with the Empowering Cami Trimmer.

-Made of breathable Power Mesh, we implemented an Innovative Cooling System, so you can stay confident and comfortable all day long instead of overheating.

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The Empowering Cami Trimmer is made with 20 different pieces of fabric that make compression zones to target areas of your body that need some reshaping. These are the best plus size shapewear because they are comfortable, breathable, and no matter the occasion you can wear them. This product will reduce the appearance of your bulges in your upper and lower tummy by lifting it, slimming your bra line and waist, while still providing back support for your upper, mid, and lower back. Get the smooth, svelte silhouette you’ve always wanted when you shop for the best plus size shapewear.

-Available in regular and petite

-Made of Power Mesh

-Wear for any occasion

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Please refer to the Pre-Measurement Guide below to ensure your exact fit.

Warning: Jewelry and sharp fingernails can damage the garment. Please be careful.

Style Story

Available in Regular and Petite (Style # 6205/6210)
This breathable garment is specifically designed to target women with upper body trouble areas.

Our Empowering Cami Trimmer serves to cinch the waist, immediately reducing the appearance of lower & upper tummy bulges while simultaneously providing back support and reforming your bra line appearance.

Please refer to styles 2205/2210, 3205/3210, 4205/4210 if you have lower body concerns.

Pre- Measurement Guide

STEP 1 Bust
Measure around your breast area, making sure to measure the widest part.

STEP 2 Waist
Measure around your waist, making sure to measure the widest part.

Step 3 Hip
Measure around your hip, making sure to measure the widest part.

Step 4 Torso
Measure around your torso, making sure to measure the widest part.

Step 5
Compare measurements to Size Chart to order your perfect fit

Size Chart

Regular Measurements
Petite Measurements

Fabric Information

* Fabric Content 69% Nylon/ 31% Spandex

** Panty shield: 95% Bamboo/ 5% Spandex

** Absorbent layer; 100% Polyester

** WR layer: 100% Polyester

Problem Areas Addressed


Wear Instructions


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