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Our plus size body shapewear products use HD Contour Compression zone technology to target various forms and shapes of the female physique and appearance. The result over time is a streamlined silhouette which enhances the beauty of the woman in any dress wear.
Our Patented Geometric Design evenly distributes your figure, providing optimum comfort, and instant results.
Varying degrees of compression create a corset effect that refines the figure as well as providing postural back support.
Our Innovative Cooling System is designed to leave you feeling fresh and confident all day long.
The two way zipper technology helps to make HD Contour products the best body shapers for the tummy due to the easy sliding on and off motion. Additionally, our stomach shapewear products will sit firmly in place.
Our products also provide two detachable panty shields that are reusable for additional feminine support. These panty shields are made of breathable bamboo material for the ultimate comfort.


This reusable panty-shield is made from Bamboo Viscose, a material that has both antibacterial and deodorization properties (safe for all body types). The shield offers breathability; its Suede inner layer acts as a moisture barrier and Its waterproof exterior consists of 100% polyester with PUL coating, preventing leaks.

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Regular Measurements
Regular Measurements

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