The luxury plus size waist shapers you can purchase at HD Contour will help to redefine your waist and restore your feminine confidence. We offer firm shapewear that is exclusive and innovative in this industry. These aren’t just regular plus size waist shapers. This shapewear is made with specific designs and geometry to enhance your figure, redefine your physique, and allow you to adhere to society’s expectations of a woman’s body while still providing you comfort.

About Our Women’s Plus Size Shapewear Products

Our products are created from materials to keep you comfortable. This means that they will keep you from perspiring during the day, contour your entire body, and reshape the areas that you view as problem areas. Our products are designed with geometry to focus on the areas that need to be compressed. With compression zones that smooth areas of your body, you can wear our products under dresses, skirts, and pants while still giving you a svelte look. Each of the products we offer will provide you something different in reshaping your body. We offer seven products that vary from focusing on your whole body to just your waist. Most of our products come with a power contour slip, two reusable panty shields, and one HD Contour reformer. Each of these products is made of breathable Power Mesh, which helps to keep you from overheating from any extra garments. When you wear our products, you’ll stay fresh, confident, and comfortable all day long.

The Designs And Geometry

What makes our women’s plus size shapewear different are the designs and the geometry we take into consideration when creating it. We use compression zones to target the problem areas of your body. They will lift the lower and upper tummy, the bottom, slim the waist and bra lines, as well as contort the thighs both inner and outer. While all of this is going on, our products will offer support for the upper, mid, and lower back. Additionally, we also have products that will target the arms to make them look slimmer. The designs and geometry of these products are meant to smooth your silhouette in any type of outfit. The design and the geometry for these products were created to provide comfort for your body. There’s no overheating, discomfort while wearing, or riding up during the day. To get a full idea of our designs and geometry, click through the images to figure out what would be the best option for you.

How Our Products Are Different

Our women’s plus size shapewear differs from other products on the market because we’ve specially designed ours for comfort as well as focusing on areas of your body you’d like to change. With such a focus on the female physique, our firm shapewear is made to redefine your body and provide you confidence. As a full figured woman, you want to take back control of your body and our products are made to do that. These luxury plus size waist shapers won’t just change your body they will also redefine your body, soul, and mind. Find the perfect product for your body.

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