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Tips For Purchasing Women’s Plus Size Shapewear
November 1, 2017

Welcome to our blog! We’re excited for you to read about some of our topics. From choosing the right women’s plus size shapewear for your body to figuring out how to dress well for your body type, our blog will be chock full of helpful tips and information to ensure you feel alluring and confident. At HD Contour, we offer women’s plus size shapewear that’s unlike anything else you’ll find on the market. We strive to create products that give you the traditional, smooth female physique. With our designs and geometry, we’ve created compression zones in our products that will work on your problem areas. If you’re interested in trying some of our products to have a svelte silhouette, then you’ve come to the right place to start shopping.

Our Women’s Plus Size Shapewear Products

In our first blog, we want to go over some of our products and the mission of HD Contour. Below, you’ll find a variety of our products to pick from. With each of the products, we offer you something different. What you can expect with our women’s plus size products, however, is two-way zipper technology to make it easy to slide in and out of as well as the ability to stay firmly in place with the silicone edges. Additionally, each item has an Innovative Cooling System that keeps you perspiration-free and comfortable all day long. Lastly, due to the geometry and the designs, you’ll feel comfortable while providing the results you want. The material of each of these products is Power Mesh, which allows you to feel comfortable all day long.

Full Body Empire

The Full Body will target your lower and upper tummy, bottom, waist, bra lines, and will contour your outer and inner thighs, so you have a smooth look. What’s neat about this product is that it will support your upper, mid, and lower back while still holding in all of your problem areas. This product will lift and slim due to the compression zones.

HD Full Body

This product, not to be confused with the Full Body Empire, is made to target your entire body. By providing lift for your bottom, smoothing your upper and lower tummy, and slimming your bra line, this product will focus on all areas of your body that need a little assistance in becoming smooth. Your waist will be cinched and there will be a decrease of bulges. Additionally, it will contour your upper arms while supporting your upper, mid, and lower back.

Sleeveless Full Body

The Sleeveless Full Body is similar to the previous products, but it won’t focus on your arms. Instead, this product will lift your bottom while decreasing any lumps and bumps to make it smoother. Additionally, you’ll have the support for your upper, mid, and lower back while still contouring your inner and outer thigh area. This product will focus on lifting your butt, slimming your waist and bra line, and smoothing your upper and lower tummy.

Cami MidBody Trimmer With Reforming Sleeves

This product is perfect for targeting the upper body. The Cami MidBody Trimmer With Reforming Sleeves is built to make your stomach area smoother, contour your arms and bra line, all while supporting your upper, mid, and lower back. This product will also focus on the upper and lower tummy as well as lift your butt. If you want to have fewer bumps and more of a svelte look, then this is the perfect product.

Empowering Cami Trimmer

The Empowering Cami Trimmer is perfect for focusing on your upper and lower tummy. With the compression zones, you’ll reshape your stomach, slim the bra line and waist all while your back is supported. This product will give you the female physique you want without making you feel uncomfortable and sticky.

Highrise ¾ Tummy Tucker

Instead of having a top portion to the product, the Highrise ¾ Tummy Tucker focuses on smoothing the lower half of your body. By lifting your butt and focusing on your lower and upper tummy, you’ll notice a much smoother effect. In addition, you’ll notice your outer thighs are contoured, which gives you a tighter and lithe look.

High Panty Tucker

The High Panty Tuckers are our smallest garment with only targeting the stomach and waist area. Your waist will be cinched, your tummy and butt reshaped. This product may be our smallest, but it’s still effective because it decreases the bulges in the problem areas of your body.

About Our Company

If you want to redefine and reshape your body, then our women’s plus size shapewear is a great way to feel confident and comfortable all day long. Our products won’t ride up, create perspiration, or make you feel self-conscious. These products are made to give you the female physique that will allow you to feel alluring. For more information about our products, read about our company.


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